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Causes and symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis


The spinal cord requires space around it to “breathe” and to function properly. The area around the spinal cord is the space between the spinal cord and the inside of the vertebrae and spinal discs, and if this area, the spinal canal, is narrowed, through degenerative diseases, injury, or other causes such as fluorosis, the spinal cord and spinal nerves may be pinched, and will cause pain, as well as possibly decrease the ease at which messages are transferred between the brain and the rest of the body.


If you don’t have an unavoidable reason for your lumbar spinal stenosis, it’s probably because you’ve been exposed to certain gasses, insecticides, or have often ingested water that has a high concentration of fluorides in it, over a long period of time. The narrowing of the space around your precious and fragile spinal cord has gradually been getting less and less. Another reason could be due to an injury in an accident, and if that injury was due to somebody else’s negligence, you’re in the right place. I’m a spinal injury attorney, based in Florida, and I have many years of experience helping people just like you, who have had the same spinal cord injuries, and the same problems associated with those injuries.


Spinal stenosis can affect any part of the spinal cord space, along the length of the spinal column, but it’s quite often the lumbar region is affected, due to the fact that it’s the lumbar region that is already under a bit more stress than the rest of the spine above it. The lumbar, or lower spine, has all the weight of your body above it – the middle thoracic region has less weight above it, and the cervical or neck region has the least weight above it – just your head!


A herniated disc means that the thick fluid substance inside the spinal disc is leaking out. The presence of this fluid inside the spinal canal narrows it, and sometimes presses on the spinal cord or spinal nerves, and thus a herniated disc can be another cause of spinal stenosis. You may experience and feel the narrowing of your spinal canal, or pressure on your spinal cord or spinal cord nerves in the lumbar region of your spine as pain, numbness, throbbing, or as an irritating constant dull aching or burning sensation. These symptoms may be felt in the lower back, buttocks, or running down your leg. Sometimes the pain may be sharp and sudden and felt while walking. The sudden pain may be described as a “shooting” pain.


Lumbar spinal stenosis symptoms often worsen over a period of time, and may get so bad that it becomes very difficult to walk without pain, or without leaning forward, bent over, while walking, to help reduce the pressure. Severe symptoms include less mobility in the legs, or even complete loss of mobility in the legs, as well as reduced function or loss of control of function in the bowel and bladder.


If your Spinal Stenosis is not as a result of a natural process, but because of chemical ingestion or inhalation, you may be entitled to money compensation that will be necessary in years to come, to help defray costs.


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