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What is a disc, and how does a spinal disc get herniated?


Unless you are wearing an incredibly heavy hat or helmet every day, or do work every day that puts your head and neck in an awkward position, most times pain associated with a herniated disc as a result of strain or natural aging is confined to the lower lumbar region of the spine. This is because the lumbar discs of the lower back usually bears more weight than the neck or shoulders and is often more affected by poor posture than the upper body.


Of course, if a spinal disc is damaged as a result of an accident, any part of the spine that comes into contact with something else at the time of an accident can be damaged, including the vertebrae and cervical discs in the neck.


If you're at work and have an accident that hurts your back, besides leaving the work premises to get medical attention, it is also very important that you fill in a report of injury form. Go see a doctor first, and then add any medical test results from your doctor to the injury report. Do not let anyone persuade you not to fill in a report of injury form. Talk to a lawyer, preferably a spinal injury attorney, as soon as possible, so that you know your rights.


Why is it that a herniated disc can be a serious problem, and why does it cause excruciating pain, and numbness in your limbs?


It is quite difficult for a spinal disc to slip, and although many people refer to their spinal injury or back pain as a slipped disc, this isn't really what has usually happened, as a herniated disc means that the hard outer layer of the disc has been damaged and its thick fluid content has bulged or leaked out, sometimes further rupturing the outer layer too.


Spinal discs are like flat cushions and are found between the vertebrae of the spine, and help cushion the spine. The backbone is not all bone, as this would allow less flexibility and natural movement of the body. Spinal discs should be respected, protected, and always kept as healthy as possible. One negative aspect of spinal discs, however, is that they are the weak spots in the backbone, and also very close to where the spinal nerves exit from the spinal cord and spine to the rest of the body. Spinal nerve roots are particularly close to these discs.


When parts of a ruptured disc press into, or against spinal nerve roots, spinal nerves, or the spinal cord, nerves are being pinched. Think of a garden hose that has pressure applied to it somewhere along its length - possibly due to somebody standing on it, or it being squashed up against the corner of the house when you move to a different area of the garden and tug on the hose - no or less water will flow through the hose to its destination. If the spinal cord or spinal nerves are pinched, messages cannot travel between the brain and the rest of the body as easily as they are supposed to.


If you've had an accident that has caused a spinal disc to rupture, you will be experiencing pain, and probably less movement or feeling than you're used to having in some parts of your body. If this accident has been caused by somebody else, it would be in your best interest to talk to a spinal injury lawyer sooner rather than later. A spinal injury lawyer can help you make sense of what has happened, understands how the herniated disc affects you and your life, and can help you understand what to do about treatment, filling in forms, and trying to claim for compensation.


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