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Treating Spinal Stenosis


In my Florida law practice I very seldom see clients with spinal stenosis. As a Florida spinal injury attorney I see many people who have been dealt severe health blows as a result of carelessness on the part of others.


Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the canal in which the spinal cord runs, between the brain and the bottom of the back, and although very uncomfortable, and sometimes excruciatingly painful, almost never leads to paralysis. It is considered a natural part of aging, unless the patient was born with the disorder. Spinal stenosis is commonplace amongst people with dwarfism.


Generally, spinal stenosis is just one of those things that will happen, and has very little relevance to my average working day. However, once in a while, a client who has been diagnosed as having spinal stenosis approaches me. In such cases the spinal stenosis is invariably present because somewhere, sometime, somebody was careless. My career does not revolve around beating up on the bad guys. I am not Superman. I am not a judge, or a jury. I am a Florida spinal injury attorney, and I specialise in trying to get the best deal I possibly can for my clients.


The average man in the street does not know how to go about trying to get compensation from a local Council who have been overloading the drinking water with fluorides, to such an extent that Fluorosis manifests itself.


The average man in the street does not know how to go about trying to get compensation from an insurance company, to cover medical costs, because, to use an example, someone drove into them from behind, at a stop street.


Medical costs after a tail end smash could involve treatment for a herniated disc. A disc may have been ruptured, and is exerting pressure on the spinal cord, causing a form of spinal stenosis. Fluorosis is the presence of too much fluoride in the system, and can be caused by, amongst other things, drinking water that is heavily treated with fluorides, or by inhaling gasses with excessive fluoride levels.


Conservative treatment is always prescribed as a starting point for spinal stenosis, and will entail an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic. Should these not provide the results required, cortisone and steroidal treatment is administered. As a final measure, surgery is recommended. For the average person with acquired or degenerative spinal stenosis surgery is not really an option, as the condition is already present, and will not go away. Fluorosis patients may also not be suitable candidates for surgery. Spinal disc herniation patients display the best recovery results from Spinal Stenosis, as their condition was not pre-existing, and came about as a result of trauma.


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