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Why have a herniated disk replaced with an artificial disk?


You're tired of the pain caused by your herniated disk. You weren't aware of it before somebody caused an accident that injured your back, but now you're very aware of the fact that each and every day, you, and you realise now, everyone else in the world, bends their back over 300 times a day.


If you had not been hurt by somebody else, you would never actually have realised how many times you bend your back every day - unless you'd been reading up about spinal injuries and spinal disk replacement with artificial disks prior to your accident. You're now aware of all the bending you usually do, because your back is sore; your back is hurting; bending your back is painful. You're struggling to do the things you did before the accident, and life is just not the same. You feel that somebody should pay for this serious inconvenience.


How is it that I know about how many times a person bends his or her back every day? Do I have a herniated disk? Is my back sore? Well, I do bear the weight of clients' cases and problems on my shoulders, so that they can feel less stressed, but I don't have a herniated disk, and I generally feel quite good - I need to be healthy and alert to look after my clients' properly. I know about spinal injuries and herniated disks, as well as about replacing herniated disks with artificial disks, because, as a spinal injury lawyer, it's my job to.


Spinal injury lawyers can't be of much help to people with herniated disks, if they don't know much about the subject. I'm a spinal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who has over 30 years' experience with helping people who want to try gain compensation for personal injuries such as herniated disks and spinal cord injuries. If we manage to obtain compensation, that compensation is not for going on expensive vacations to help you not feel so bad and depressed about your spinal injury - that compensation is for getting that debilitating and frustrating injury fixed, or to gain some relief from the pain and problems associated with it. After surgery to your spine to have an artificial disk implanted between your vertebrae, the relief you feel from the awful back pain you were experiencing prior to the spinal surgery, should surely be considered more important than an exotic vacation - and it lasts longer. Research has shown that artificial disks shouldn't give you any problems at all for 15 to 20 years, often much longer.


How does an artificial disk implant relieve your pain?


There seems to be nothing wrong with an artificial disk. It's apparently like having a brand new spinal disk in place of your old one, except that it's artificial. If a new spinal disk is going to relieve your back pain, so what if it's artificial?


An artificial spinal disk implant fits between your vertebrae just like your own natural spinal disks, except that it's a spinal disk that is not herniated or damaged in any way.


If the herniated disk in your spine is the result of an accident caused by another person, contact me, your Florida spinal injury attorney. I will gladly tell you what I have learned about getting your old disk replaced with a new one – or help you understand how to go about determining whether or not surgery for your herniated disk is really necessary.


Contact me via my contact form, or call me, Toll Free, on 888 446 1999, to arrange your first free consultation with me. I won’t charge you for any costs or fees if I am unable to secure money compensation for you.



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